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    details.It gently wraps delicate skin, a high-function and high-moisturizing beauty serum. The "Concentrated Miracle Bloss™*®" formula is made by condensing the brand's core beauty moisturizing ingredients. Keep skin moist and calm. The newly formulated "lime socket rate*²" protects sensitive skin that is susceptible to external stimuli such as dryness and air pollution. Maintain healthy skin condition.Skin that is easy to shake will also be gently wrapped and guided to moist skin.*1 Moisturizing ingredients composed of glycerin and aloe extract*2 Skin-lifting ingredients composed of lime juice and BHT※This product has been updated on August 21, 2020. The review also includes information before the update.ingredientCyclopentasiloxane-aldehyde-based extract-glycerin-dimethylol-polysiloxane-11-isononyl isononanoate-cyclohexasiloxane·(polydimethylsiloxane/(PEG- 10/15)) Cross polymer tris(caprylic acid/capric acid) glycerol dicarboxylic acid los polymer·water·tetraacetyl sphingosine·cholesterol·lime juice·linoleic acid·flour lipid·laminari Subochloroika extract·Ethanol·BHT·Chrisma·Maricimamu extract·Yeast extract·Oleic acid·DPG·Linolenic acid·Altai Mona Lee's fermentation extract, Helicobacter pylori extract, Tocopherol, chlorella extract, phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid K, chlorophenyl acid, fragrance<JILN10136>※Due to product improvements, etc., the ingredients and display content may also be changed. Please confirm the product label for the actual ingredients.

The Concentrate

Contains concentrated Miracle Bros ™ * ¹. A highly functional and highly moisturizing beauty essence that leads to smooth and moisturized skin. * ¹ A moisturizing ingredient consisting of glycerin and algae extract
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