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    The best selling cosmetic of the brand to make the skin easy to receive the skin care item with a lot of skin, and to accept the following skin care items. Gives moisture to the skin and leads to soft skin with a bright, bright, bright impression.
    Water, argeexus glycerol methyl gluses - 20, BIS peg-18 methyl ether dimethylsilane, yeast extra sclerosing glycerol - 26 BG, PEG-8 PCA Na Na ppg-5 seste-20 caffeine Jojoba wax 20 polysorbate 20, urea / alkaline Guiness producing polysaccharide, glycyrrhizinic acid 2K, pentaphenylglycol, hyaluronic acid Na, soybean protein, EDTA - 2Na trehalose polypolydium - 51, imisenyl extra tolumaine, sea salt, lice Natal Di guitar kiss kiss Dashi kiss hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin plankton extra lime juice, carrot buckwheat extract, ethanol lecithin acetylhexapeptide 8, soybean seed extract, mucopolysaccharide, xanthan gum phenol Xyethanol and sorbic acid K
    * there may be changes in the ingredients and display contents by the improvement of the product. Please confirm the actual ingredient display of the item.

The Treatment Lotion

The skin will be moisturized and vivid, and be ready for the skin care products that follow.
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