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    [nursing emulsion]
    Fully moisturize the skin, in order to more easily accept the next skin care project, skin finishing, brand best-selling cosmetic water. To bring the necessary moisture to the skin and guide it to the skin with tender, shining and soft impression.
    [nursing emulsion hydrate mask]
    A luxurious mask containing a large amount of lotion about 30mL. The seat with microfiber technology is in close contact with the skin. Guide to full, full and moist skin.
    [renewal oil]
    It is a multi-functional skin care oil with moisturizing and youthful luster. Gently waving the bottle, water and oil meet, the essence of the brand miracle Bross Gamma *Mixed with a luxurious feel of oil. Sticking on the skin will penetrate into all corners of the stratum corneum, giving a flexible, full of brilliant skin impression.
    *Unique moisturizing ingredients, by giant seaweed (seaweed) and other components

The Treatment Lotion Hydration Collection

The texture of the beauty of the beauty liquid such as the beauty liquid, which is filled with dense makeup water and dense moisture that satisfies the smooth and smooth skin, can be used from the hair to the body, and can be used for the body Collection.
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